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Chia Seed & Chia Miracle Oil

Aryza was established when Malaysian society was still unaware of the benefits of SUPERFOOD Chia SEED for health. Until now Malaysians were busy with various health supplements that would have burdened the family’s financial losses, so we thought that this ORGANIC food option with affordable prices would provide a solution to this group.

Unfortunately, the awareness of SUPERFOOD’s superior nutrition is more to urban groups and not to the rural people with less fortunate.

Hence, ARYZA was set up in May 2016. Aryza is the Muslim Bumiputra. Through this company, we conduct our own importing process of FRESH CHIA SEED FROM MEXICO FARM directly to Malaysian consumers. The premium quality Chia Seed is subject to the Phytosanitary Treatment Control Act from the process of cleaning on farms, storage until delivery process to Malaysia.

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ARYZA Chia Seed

Seeding Your Soul

Aryza Chia Seed

ARYZA Chia Seed contains 100% premium quality chia seeds imported directly from Mexico and is the most trusted chia seed brand by all diet practitioners.

ARYZA chia Seed is guaranteed clean and HALAL. Ultraviolet (UV) purification and sterilization process is carried out in Mexico before chia seeds are imported into Malaysia to ensure chia seeds are free from germs. In fact, ARYZA Chia Seed is wrapped in warehouses that only pack chia seeds to ensure chia seeds are in the best and gluten-free state.

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SUPERFOOD ARYZA Chia Seed contains:

  • 5x double calcium compared to milk
  • 2x antioxidant versus blueberry
  • 2x double potassium compared to bananas
  • 8x double Omega-3 compared to salmon
  • 3x double iron instead of spinach
  • 7x double vitamin C compared to oranges
  • 15x double magnesium versus broccoli
  • It also contains protein, fiber and various micronutrients. Chia seeds are free from chemicals, steriods, zero cholesterol and are natural foods.

ARYZA Chia Miracle Oil

Miracle Oil

Aryza Chia Miracle Oil

Aryza Chia Miracle Oil is the FIRST ‘beauty oil’ in Malaysia based on SUPERFOOD Chia Seed. The main ingredient, ORGANIC-certified Chia Oil is imported from MEXICO before being processed in combination with other natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and More.

Chia oil is the main ingredient for the ancient Mayan Age and the Aztec Magnificence, Latin women use it as a moisturizer, skin care, hair care and skin care.

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  • The first essential oil in Malaysia is based on chia seeds
  • Organic chia seeds are freshly imported from Mexico
  • The new revolution of beauty has been practiced by latin women and is now ideal for Asian skin
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). KMM NO: NOT 161202617K
  • Suitable for all skin types and all ages from infants to adults
  • Free Silicon, Free Paraben, Free PEG and Alcohol Free
  • Trending in Korea and Japan