About Us

Why Aryza

Aryza Chia Seed Differ from Other Because …

🌱We IMPORT ourselves Directly from farm to consumer In MALAYSIA. 100% is managed by MUSLIM BUMIPUTRA. This market monopolized by the Foreigners for a long time. It becomes FARDHU KIFAYAH for us as Muslims in this country to manage the demand of Muslims in this country.

🌱NO Third Party. There is no rundown warehouse for warehouse, shop to store, home to home, monthly to yearly to reach you. FAST AND CLEAN. After harvesting, in Malaysia and sell directly.

🌱FRESH Chia Seed produced more EFFECTIVE effects. No wonder THOUSAND of testimonials with high repeat orders. Some of customer become the stockist. PACKAGING RELATED TO PRODUCTS. Comply with the Food Act, Dark Bottle, Safety Seal, Airtight, Dry with Silica Gel, Boxes etc. Bottle cap is provided as a measurement per intake.

🌱99.99% GERMS FREE. Through a sterile UV process for WHO-compliant germs for fresh food AND fresh grains without process.

🌱PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFIED. Ensure throughout the Harvesting Starting process up to packing for export, transport, CLEAN and OBEDIENT GUIDELINES IMPORT FOOD. Quality is under control.

🌱Trained agent and stockists give after sales service, guidelines on how to eat. So you’re not mistaken for a diet setting. IMPORTANT! DON’T TAKE CHIA SEEDS ARBITRARILY.



Aryza targets all Malaysians as well as neighboring countries like Brunei and Singapore to make organic SUPERFOOD Aryza Chia Seed to a compulsory daily menu for all groups in the Urban or Rural area, irrespective of age or level. The rising cost of living certainly burdens the pocket.

More Agents and Stockists are required throughout the country and neighbouring countries to help us refine this MISSION.